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“Growing up in Alaska, I had pictures in my head of what moving to a big city would be like. Those thoughts carried an air of refined urbanism—what I thought living in the city would be like—that was counter to the rural Alaskan life I always knew. Only after Jacob and I moved to a third floor loft overlooking the west side of Atlanta’s skyline did I realize that those dreams were for more than teenage fantasies of city lights. The realization of those dreams was not the city’s glow, but in the people illuminated by it.” —Chelsea

Sweet Sleep

Sometimes dreams blur into waking life. A connection, a conversation, a moment in a dream can change the way you look at someone. Dreams themselves can be hostile, yet entirely fragile—every perceived terror is real to a mind only aware of this temporary, fabricated world. And dreams can be a pleasant—albeit bizarre—reprieve from the real world. Sometimes you desperately want to wake up, and sometimes sleep can't come soon enough…