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6/21/19 — Downtown

Jacob Hamilton

Photography by   Emiley Creates, LLC.

Photography by Emiley Creates, LLC.

It’s me -- Chels.

This is my first Wendlo blog, so hello!

We’re one sleep away from releasing Downtown (unless you’re staying up until midnight tonight…) and I’ve got butterflies. Mostly the good kind though.

To celebrate its release, I’ll share a little story for ya. 

One night back in January, Jacob was sitting here at the desk fiddling with some sounds and I was in the bedroom (barely 8 feet away behind a door). I’m used to this by the way—hearing noises and clicks and humming around a computer. It’s a creative process that Jacob exercises often. Mostly I don’t pay attention to it but I heard something through the wall that night that caught my attention. I set my book down and stood with my ear to the door. I listened for awhile and eventually poked my head out to ask if I could join the party (as if I hadn’t already been listening for 15 minutes). He proceeded to play me the first draft of what was soon to be called “Downtown.” Let me tell you, I’ve never felt so understood. Hearing Downtown for the first time was me feeling as if Jacob understood me for the first time. It was my life in a song, my metamorphosis up until now. 

Growing up in Alaska, I had pictures in my head of what moving to a big city would be like. Those thoughts carried an air of refined urbanism—what I thought living in the city would be like—that was counter to the rural Alaskan life I always knew. When Jacob and I got married, the first place we lived was a wide open third-floor loft overlooking the west side of Atlanta’s skyline. That view made living in a city feel all too real because it was wildly different than what I grew up seeing outside my window. Didn’t know I could love it so much.

When Jacob sang me his lyrics for the first time, I didn’t have anything to add, or change, or tweak. I felt like he had been listening and watching me evolve, and he captured that evolution so well. So thanks, Jacob, for writing this song and paying attention to me.

Downtown is unique in a lot of ways, but I don’t want to skip over the fact that this is the first Wendlo song that has Jacob produced and mixed on his own, making it even more special. This song is dear to us and I hope it becomes dear to you. Or you at least just like it. Summer bop here we go!