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1/6/18 — (from Taproom)

Jacob Hamilton

Top of the year to ya!

Feels like I haven't written since las...okay, not gonna do it. 

Here's what we've been doing since we last checked in:

•We played at CreativeMornings!
•We played at Smith's Olde Bar!
•WE RELEASED Wendlo's First Christmas IN ALASKA!
•We played in the 99x Original Series at Tannery Row and Rock 'N Taco!
•We played in the Songwriters' Shootouts at EOP and Eddie's Attic!
•We played a Friendsgiving house show!
•We played at Taproom again!
•We played at the MadLife Undiscovered Artist Showcase!
•We took a lil' holiday break!

Those are a few of the highlights.  We've received abundant love and help from so many friends that we could never thank them all, but here are some of the ones who made the last few months possible for Wendlo: Kaylynn Crites, Kris and Charity Carmody, Derek Haukaas, Sara Anderholm, Tito DeJesus, Ainsley McKinney, Moses Sohn, Cole Carmody, Ryan and Sarah Christopher, Lauren Scott, Ben Brinker, Will Funderburke, Shane Denmark...just to name a few.  You guys...thank you.

I've been referring to the four month span from October-January as "competition season" (which is annoying and sounds WAY more "snobby pageant-girl" than I want it to 🙄) because SOMEONE (me) signed us up for a bunch of songwriting showcase events because It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time.  Beyond January 28th when we play at Tannery Row for the 99x Original Series finale, we have no more competitions on the horizon.  (Phewf)  We've had a lot of fun and been introduced to some solid songwriters and artists we woulnd't have met otherwise, and it has definitely stretched us as songwriters and performers.  But as we all agree, "the very idea of something as personal and objective as songwriting (or art, in general) as a competition is asinine."  Even so, it really has helped us grind.  We finally managed to start and finish writing a song together!  A lovely little number we call Better Man Now.  We're excited to release it later this year. 

Speaking of later this year, we're working toward our first tour, and our full-length album.  We're trying not to get ahead of ourselves, while also realizing that we are our own borders.  We only have ourselves to get past.