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8/29/17 — from Taproom

Jacob Hamilton

Hello. And congratulations! You've made your way through the miry internet and found our fledgling website, which is every bit as up-and-coming as we are.

I'd love to pour my heart all over your computer screen from time to time. This blog will read as a delicious menu of upcoming events, an outlet for post-performance swooning, and a behind-the-scenes look at Wendlo. I'll try to keep things cas(ual. How the heck do you spell the first half of that word?) and Chelsea will make us sound more profesh. (That one's much easier)

One thing before I go: Chelsea and I are really happy that we have this band as an outlet for our creativity together, and we want to use it as a way to be real and bring people together. We're genuinely anti-instalife—that polished, hyperbolic exaggeration of persona we're almost all socially culpable for promoting. That's not to say that we shouldn't all strive to put our best [foot, feet, blogs, photography, music, beer, carpentry, honesty, accounting, marketing, sincerity, web design, graphic design, attitude, scent] forward, but rather that perfect is not synonymous with best. It's a lesson we're learning one day at a time, and we hope that our music—and through it, our hearts—will display that hard-fought truth.

So keep it real. Stay tuned and stay woke.