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10/17/17 — from Taproom

Jacob Hamilton

What up, fam.

Wow, we've had such a busy month-and-a-half since I last checked in. We've played in 2 more songwriting competitions and won them both. *beams* Definitely don't know how except for my default answer which is that "Chelsea is a great songwriter." And she is. I'm thankful we can share music with each other and then share it with other people.

We played at Bare Roots Farmacy in Columbus, GA last Saturday. It was our first roadtrip on our own as Wendlo*. It was cool but I wish I hadn't been trying to run sound through an interface. Learn from my over-zealousness: simple is better**.

As a part of winning the weekly Original Series presented by 99x at Tannery Row last week, we had our first radio play on Sunday Night. *beams again* It was surreal. We went for a drive—top down—with our dear friend Kaylynn. I had my first bubble tea. (Actually I had Kaylynn's bubble tea because apparently you aren't very good at picking a flavor when it's your first bubble tea. Taro—you want taro.) We sat in a parking deck overlooking Atlanta after Soft Spot played and listened to Christmas Music maybe just a little too early***. We are playing at another Original Series event tonight and we're excited as always to share music with people.

Speaking of sharing music with people, I'm super happy to announce that this weekend, we will FINALLY be recording a cover video, featuring the very lovely aforementioned Kaylynn Crites. *beams again some more* Be on the will be the first of many more videos to come, but that's all I'll say for now.


*Technically we drove from Anchorage to Seward which was a longer drive, but it was with the support of our band and not a show we planned on our own...our friend's at the label booked that date. So this one had a special feel to us, as being something we "built with our bare hands" if you will.

**I'm definitely not heeding my own advice in 3 weeks when we play at Smith's Olde Bar.

***There is no time that is too early for Christmas music, as long as Christmas is less than a year away.